Glide Fit - Ladies Belt & Buckle Package

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Glide Fit are a premium belt with a stainless steel buckle and 100% premium leather straps. They feature a one size fits all ratchet locking system with no holes to provide an exact and more comfortable fit.-Ratchet system locks in on ¼” increments to provide an exact fit-Stylish designs are great for golf, casual and business wear-Accommodates mens waist sizes from 30”–50” and Ladies 24”– 40”-One size fits all design reduces retailers sku count-One size fits all design packaged in premium box makes the perfect gift or trophy-All buckles are interchangeableDiamante crystal buckle design with 100% genuine leather strap with textured pebble pattern. Available in white, black or pink.One size fits - 24” – 40” waist sizes